The All-Natural Cleaning Revolution: Melamine Foam’s Sustainable Appeal

When shopping for a good mattress that is going to give you the right amount of support you can easily be confused with all the different options. So how do you choose the right mattress? First of all lets say you have already done your shopping and compared different models and you narrowed it down to Digital Air Bed Number Bed and Memory Foam Mattresses. Lets start with the features and benefits of Memory Foam.

Memory Foam is Unique and Has Unique Features and Benefits. Memory Foam originally came from NASA and was being used in the seats of the Space Shuttle to help relieve G-forces on take off. Therefore,Digital Air Bed Number Bed or Memory Foam Mattress? Articles you get the same pressure relief and body contour and support that you you get with a Memory Foam Mattress. However, there are many different types of Memory Foam, such as, density that will determine the actual pressure relief and body contour and support you get. Memory Foam works off of “displacement” contouring to your body in more of a natural body contour. Therefore, a true supportive, pressure relieving Memory Foam Mattress will come from 4lb density or greater. Anything less that 4lb will not give you the durability and the proper amount of pressure relief that you get from a higher density. In addition, there are “open cell” and “closed cell” Memory Foam that will determine the breathability of the mattress. Memory Foam is also temperature sensitive which means that if you keep your bedroom cooler your mattress will be firmer. A closed cell Memory Foam will hold more heat and have a slower recovery and an open cell will breath through the entire mattress and recover more rapidly. The end result, High density memory foam absorbs energy and motion so you and your partner sleep in complete undisturbed peaceful sleep. Sleep deeper, sleep peacefully like never before!

Digital Number Air Bed Number Beds Have Unique Features and Benefits As Well.
Advanced Digital Air Bed Support is so precise that it measures the settings in digitized readouts legitimizing a medically credible millimeters of Mercury surface pressure. No random numbers. No arbitrary levels that jump in large increments. These readings are a true reflection of actual pressure being applied to the body. is the same technology utilized by the medical field for developing low skin to surface air support applications. Doctors have long understood that pressure greater than 32 MmHg can restrict capillaries and impede blood flow. With a Digital Number Basotech Air Bed support system “Doctor Recommended you can’t even feel the bed under you comfort level”. Therefore, eliminating unwanted pressure points and allowing you the flexibility to adjust your Number Air Bed to your personalized setting. In addition, the air bladders are made of a Genuine European Vulcanized 25 Gauge Latex with Cotton Canvas Cover. Thicker and more durable the air bed design will give you 6” of pressure reduced sleep. The material actually flows together and becomes a one piece construction. The natural cotton material is adhered chemically to the latex offering a soft texture and eliminating air leakage. Resulting in an unsurpassed pressure relieving perfect body push back support. Giving you and your spouse the flexibility to adjust your Number Air Bed to your very own unique comfort. No other mattress will give you the opportunity to adjust your mattress to fit your comfort needs night after night!

In summary, whether you choose Memory Foam or Digital Number Air Bed you can rest assured that you will find the comfort and peace of mind knowing that an Air Bed will give you the flexibility, unsurpassed comfort and support with the ability to adjust your personalized settings. On the other hand, a Memory Foam Mattress will give your body more natural “displacement” and undisturbed sleep for you and your partner.